Barokthegreat (IT)



Pheidippides is is far away, softly leaning against the humid, velve-lined space of our collective imagination: He is the emblem of the Attic warrior, a witness of the bloody battle of Marathon and herald who bore the news of victory during the long run aonly then to exhale it with his last breath.When BAROKTHEGREAT and I thoughtof the tittle of the piece, at one point the term ‘gimlet’ came up. A ‘gimlet’ is a medieval craft tool used to drill holes in wood: This is how we worked: there are no evocation images piling up this work, there is nothing visionnary; instead there’s a patient and exhausting movement turning on a specific point, wearing out until it makes a hole, the beginning of every vision. (Marco Villari)

running time  10 min



20 March


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