Carlos Casas and Nico Vascellari (ES/IT)

Blood Cleaning 3,50

Blood cleaning 3,50 is a journey through the fears and the imagination of 19 ten-year-olds. It represents a stage of Uovo 0_11project devoted to the dialogue between childhood and contemporary creative vocabularies, directed to a grown-up audience. It’s an audio-visual choral production with a strong choreographic and visual dimension, resulting from the collective work developped by the elementary school pupils during a week-long workshop led by the visual artists Carlos Casas and Nico Vascellari. The piece, which is presented live by the pupils, interrogates the relationship between parents and children adopting an unusual and subjective perspective on children’s violence and fragility.

premiere / running time  30min.

Teatro dell’Arte 16 March h 19.00


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