Christina Kubisch (D)

Electrical Walks

A fascinating travelling work by Christina Kubisch, one of the most significant German artists, Electrical Walks comes to Milan following several dates in Europe, Latin America, the United States and Asia. The project is an invitation to discover the pervasiveness (or invasiveness) of the contemporary dimension of the city. The currents radiated by the ubiquitous electric systems of the urban landscape (lights, transformers, mobile phones, computers, aerials, trains, traffic lights etc.) can be perceived thanks to special magnetic headphones, which amplify their acoustic perceptivity. Equipped with these headphones and a map of suggested itineraries, the spectator/visitor walks through the city, alone or in a group, following hidden sound tracks. An exploratory journey revealing an unsuspected and surprising aspect of the city.

a project curated by O’ in collaboration with inContemporanea 09; with the support of LAB laboratorioartibovisa


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