Claudio Sinatti & Black Fanfare/Demetrio Castellucci (I)


After the premiere at Kaaitheater in Brussels on the occasion of the centenary of the birth of Futurism on 20 February 2009, Uovo presents and endorses this audiovisual production inspired by the avant-garde movement led by Tommaso Marinetti. RHOMBOIDE brings together for the first time Claudio Sinatti, multimedia director and artist, and Black Fanfare/Demetrio Castellucci, extremely young talent of the electronic/electroacoustic music scene. Offering a contemporary rethinking of Futuristic aesthetics and poetics thought a live media performance, the two Italian artists experiment with forms of hybridisation between music and visual art, generating sounds and projections of great allure and emotion.
in collaborazione con/in collaboration with Music Across
visual: Claudio Sinatti musica/music: Black Fanfare/Demetrio Castellucci produzione/produced by: Uovo performing arts festival, Kaaitheater (Bruxelles) con il supporto di/with the support of: Comune di Milano-Settore Spettacolo progetto FuturisMI


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