Claudio Sinatti (I)

interactive lab for children

Claudio Sinatti creates for Uovo Mostronica, an interactive digital animation workshop for a group of 15 children aged between 4 and 10, open to the parents as well. The children are asked to draw a landscape which will be animated in real time on a screen. The little ones will become the characters of the story, whilst the parents who agree to take part in the game will appear as extras in a film their children both direct and star in. Thus, between planets and spaceships, woods and castles, islands and ships the children will be the heroes who will rescue mum and dad from the wicked monsters.expressive richness of danced gestures.


Uovo Tv

UovoTv is a digital platform and media space of critical reflection on the contemporary world that revisits the undisciplined identity of Uovo’s projects by bringing together editorial and artistic perspectives.