Francesca Grilli (I/NL)

La terza conversasione and La quarta conversasione

In these two episodes of a project devoted to the discovery of the ordinary and fantastic dimensions of reality, Francesca Grilli involves deaf-mute performers, whose language between visibility and invisibility allows the spectator to see beyond the apparent calm of the everyday and to encounter its magical aspect. In La terza conversazione (‘The third conversation’) a deaf-mute singer is invited to interpret a soundscape of ‘noises’; in La quarta conversazione (‘The fourth conversation’) a group of deaf women sing a lullaby in sign language. The sounds cannot be heard but they can be perceived. Two fascinating and evocative works, which recreate visions, memories and dreams and connect different conditions and perceptions of reality; the performances are here staged for the first time for an audience that includes children.

a piece by: Francesca Grilli with: Nicola Della Maggiora composition: Alfonso Marrazzo soundscape: Sergio Ricciardone, Daniele Mana LIS/Italian Sign Language director: Rosario Liotta Italian Sign Language interpreter: Eleonora De Fazio produced by: Francesca Grilli / Fies Factory One co-produced by: centrale FIES in collaboration with: CANGO Cantieri Goldonetta Firenze; Contemporanea/Colline/Festival 2008; Rijksakademie van beeldende kunsten, Amsterdam, NL; Ufficio Giovani Artisti del Comune di Bologna

Francesca Grilli is supported by Fies Factory One winner of NUOVE CREATIVITA’ project supported by ETI Ente Teatrale Italiano


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