Kerstin Kussmaul and Jan Burkhardt (AT/DE)


Vexations by Kerstin Kussmaul and Jan Burkhardt is a durational performance of around 21 hours wich involves the audience and invites them to interact physically and mentally with the live execution at the piano of Erik Satie’s extraordinary work, conceived to be repeated consecutevly 840 times. The music score is imagined as sound- object, which becomes tangible and experienceable in the three dimensional space surrounding the pianist. The music score is imagined as sound-object, which becomes tangible and experienceable in the three-dimensional space surrounding the pianist. The installation space is designed by field72, a multi award-winning collective of young Viennese architechts and designers. The spectators are free to stand and move around the physical-acoustic space of the performance, interacting with a floor of foam mats and reacting through actions and movements to the immobility and repetitiveness of the music. The figures of performer and spectator fuse into the role of participant, whose presence in the installation space gives the music dramatic content, generating spontaneous and unpredictable choreographies.

Italian premiere

19_20 March

h. 11.00 (19 March) until h. 08.00 (20 March)

Fabbrica del Vapore

running time 21 hours



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