Linda Fregni Nagler (IT/SE)


video loop

The title of this piece creates a contrast between two worlds: the childish world, unconscious and unconcerned, and the adult world, in which the state of unconsciousness is achieved only through dreams. The voice over in the video is drawn from one of the hundreds of “hypnosis sessions” given on YouTube by self-styled hypnotherapists. The artist, together with the children of the fourth grade, has undertaken a journey through surrealist aspects of photography (the ambiguous relationship with truth in photography, invention, human body as a shape, the photographer’s gaze as a fantastic look), eventually operating a transition from photographer to photographic subject , and more precisely being filmed. This passage gave birth to a video set in the classroom. The children participated in the shooting, alternating their presence in front of the camera. What seems to emerge in the video is not a careless and light childhood, but a deep and pondering moment of life.


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