Mammalian Diving Reflex (CA)

Haircuts by Children

24 may 2009, 3.14 parrucchieri

Haircuts by Children by the multi-award-winning Canadian company Mammalian Diving Reflex is a work of great originality, combining extravagance and social commitment. It playfully engages with values and attitudes around the themes of power and trust in the younger generations, exploring the relational, experiential and communicative possibilities of the theatrical event. Schoolchildren aged between 9 and 11 will attend workshops in art, politics and hairstyling and, trained by Orea Malià professional hairdressers, will be armed with scissors and invested of the role of stylists in a real hair salon. Children are seen as creative and competent individuals whose aesthetic choices can be trusted. The spectators/customers are invited to experience the thrill of the unknown: it’s up to them to take up the challenge and open themselves to risk and the future, laying their vanity bare.

artistic director: Darren O’Donnell producer: Natalie De Vito hair stylist: Orea Malià salon: 3.14 parrucchieri


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