Marco Velardi and Francesca Sarti (IT)


19 march 10, Teatro Franco Parenti, h. 13.00.

“Eat that you will feel well!”…. a childhood memory… a recurring sentence over family dinner tables. Since we can ever remember filled of
commonplaces, growing up anxieties, familiar ransoms; nowadays it feels contradictory, suspect, if not even grotesque. With abundance of killer ingredients, polluted cultivations, additives, preservers, colorings is hard to imagine a more controversial statement. Marco Velardi, from lifestyle and contemporary culture magazine Apartamento, and Francesca Sarti, from the eating design collective Arabeschi di Latte, are proposing a cooking class, an interesting and entertaining experience, so that festival’s artists and visitors could re-appropriate themselves with the pleasure of eating well. Basic principles, without taking yourself too seriously, dispelling myths, far away from the commonplaces, old remedies, lost ingredients, practically secrets…


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