pathosformel (I)

La più piccola distanza

A revelation among Italy’s young performing arts companies, winner of the 2008 Ubu prize, pathosformel presents at Uovo a work that rethinks the presence of the body on stage. La più piccola distanza (‘The smallest distance’) merges abstract and evocative modes, geometric and poetic traits, realising a metamorphosis of bodies into pure forms. Thin colourful squares cross the scenic space following a system of parallel lines. As in a fairytale, the bodies are transformed into anonymous square shapes, waiting to be reconstructed as human presence by the eye of the spectator.

by: Daniel Blanga Gubbay, Paola Villani with: Danilo Morbidoni, Alberto Napoli, Francesca Quadrelli

pathosformel is supported by Fies Factory One winner of NUOVE CREATIVITA’ project supported by ETI Ente Teatrale Italiano
produced by: pathosformel/FIES Factory One co-produced by: centrale fies with the support of: Santarcangelo Festival 2008 / 38^ edizione; L’arboreto–Teatro Dimora di Mondaino


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