pathosformel (IT)

La prima periferia is a study of the motor possibilities of the body and of the unlimited spectrum of its gestures and movements. It is a new stage of the research on human materiality and expressivity by pathosformel, the revelatory company, winner of the Ubu prize. Between conceptual art and  theatre, the work finds inspiration in the climate of scientific experimentation of the late eighteenth century, realising an investigation of movement devoid of intentions, meanings and voluntary impulses. Three home-produced anatomic models, which move following the descriptions of bodily positions and gestures written by abbot Andrea de Jorio in 1832, construct a suggestive weave of human limbs and joints. These embody a visionary and fragmentary physicality and become a vehicle for a performativity which is both physical and abstract, of irresistible charm and delicate poetry.

by: Daniel Blanga Gubbay, Paola Villani and with: Simone Basani, Giovanni Marocco
produced by: pathosformel / Fies Factory One co-produced by: Centrale Fies, Operaestate Festival Veneto, Uovo performing arts festival, with the contribution of: Ufficio Promozione Giovani Artisti-Comune di Bologna with the support of: Teatro Fondamenta Nuove (Venezia) in collaboration with: Teatro Franco Parenti – Progetto Residenze TEATRI DEL TEMPO PRESENTE – l’ETI Ente Teatrale Italiano per le nuove creatività


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