Plumes dans la tête (IT)

Insorta Distesa – II  Soluzione


A special phase of the work Formazione Pagana with a staging realised ad hoc for Milan, Insorta distesa – II Soluzione is a strongly suggestive and delicately energetic work by Silvia Costa, young Italian performer supported by Uovo over the last few years. A mysterious figure undertakes a voyage of liberation on stage, a journey that gradually takes her closer to an ideal of perfection, which draws the spectators towards a powerful perceptive and acoustic climax. With this work, Plumes dans la tête confirms their vocation for a visual investigation of the body and of space.


23_24 March h.21.00


running time 30 min



by: Silvia Costa

with: Nathaly Sanchez

sound design: Lorenzo Tomio

lighting design: Giacomo Gorini

stage sculptures by: Plastikart Studio Zimmermann & Amoroso

thanks to Francesco and Paolo Catterin for their technical assistance and solutions



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