Roberto Paci Dalò/Giardini Pensili (I)

Roter Schnee
live set

O’, 30 april 2009

The live set format is conceived here as a real scenic event, inscribed in a dramaturgy of space, sound and word. The theatrical space becomes a fluid and misty place from which scenic elements in animal form emerge, and against which images projected on multiple surfaces are silhouetted. Superimposed on this architecture of seeing is the invisible architecture of sound, transfixed by the electric currents generated by Heiner Müller’s texts. Roter Schnee is a field crossed by vibrations, flashes, shadows and glows; an alchemic place activated by history and people, the fluctuations and transformations of which generate a state of timeless suspension.

a project curated by O’ with the support of LAB laboratorioartibovisa e Die Schachtel with: Roberto Paci Dalò, Giacomo De Luca concept, music, set, direction by: Roberto Paci Dalò texts: Heiner Müller images: Roberto Paci Dalò, Giacomo De Luca live video mixing: Giacomo De Luca mixer lighting mixer: Ambra Galassi voices: Heiner Müller, Henning Rischbieter, and the children Karim Shali, Victor Balludi, Akira Karim Khani sculptures: Laboratorio dell’imperfetto performer in video: Maria Eugenia Rivas Medina dramaturgical collaborator: Enrico Pitozzi care and management: Ambra Galassi images shot in Berlin and Naples co-produced by: Giardini Pensili, Internationale Heiner Müller Gesellschaft in collaboration with: O’, Uovo performing arts festival, Fondazione Morra, Velvet Factorywith the support of: Regione Emilia Romagna, Accordo di Programma Quadro – GECO – Ministero della Gioventù distribution: DigiMade


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