Sara Manente, Ondine Cloez, Michiel Reynaert (BE)

A little talk with Sara Manente about Some performances

video loop

Sara Manente, Ondine Cloez and Michiel Reynaert, three of the most promising young artists of the international scene, present at Uovo
Some performances, a video-installation inspired by historic performances dating from the 1950s to the year 2000. The idea of imitation and its inevitable implications – repetition, but also alteration, displacement and decontextualisation – are the focus of this piece, which blends artistic elements from dance to music, from video work to the visual arts. The process of reconstruction, which starts from archival material, inevitably separates the performances from their context and results in the creation of ‘forms’ (movements, actions, objects) which are emptied of their original intentions, thus revealing a new range of possible meanings.

20_21 March 2010, Teatro dell’Arte, h. 14.30-20.00

performers and co-authors: Ondine Cloez, Michiel Reynaert camera, editing, author: Sara Manente for their technical assistance, thanks to: Jan van den Hemel, Benjamin Albertijn, Christophe Albertijn special thanks to all the artists who inspired us with their work.


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