Uovo performing arts festival | XI edition | Milan, 20_24 march 2013

Jérôme Bel/Theater HORA (FR/CH) | Alessandro Sciarroni (IT) | QuaLiBò (IT) | Barokthegreat (IT) | Cristina Rizzo (IT) | Cecilia Bengolea (FR/AR)/François Chaignaud (FR)/Trajal Harrell (US)/Marlene Monteiro Freitas (PT) | Giorgia Nardin (IT) | Saša Božić/Petra Hrašćanec (HR) | Gunilla Heilborn (SE) | Strasse (IT)

shooting and editing: Romana Sarti
special thanks to: Giulia Mariani
music: Kevin MacLeod – Cut and Run



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